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Sample 2-week website

After working for years on websites upwards of $10,000 that often dragged out for months, I set out to find a better way. I found it, by simplifying the process and stripping the sites to their most important elements.


What's left is beautiful, uncomplicated websites that make you look good online, explain what you do, and leave you to get work done. Just tell us what you need; we'll handle the rest.

clean look

Don't waste people's time with a cluttered website. We'll keep it sleek.


"Do you have a website?" Now you can be proud of your answer.


You don't have to be a writer. We'll listen to your story and word it for you.


We'll use social proof to build trust and encourage people to work with you.

Your website includes the main elements you need for a solid presence online:


The Basics


       Beautiful Homepage

       About Us

       Products & Services


       Contact Page

More Good Stuff


       Photo Gallery

       Free Stock Imagery

       Online Forms

       Social Media Links

       FAQ Page

  Get a website that will  

  grow your business  

Got questions? Read our FAQs:


Can you really do this in 2 weeks?

Yes! We've simplified our process so you can have your website faster than you can say, "Show me the money!" We're not creating custom branding or custom coding; we use templates that anyone can use, but that most business owners don't have time to mess around with. We personalize with your company's branding and use our sparkling writing skills to make you look as good as possible - for less time and much less money.



Can I use my own images?

Yes! Send them over and we'll include them on the website.



I'm already paying a web service, can you use that?

The $2k in 2 weeks package is for new websites built on Squarespace. Have an existing site on WordPress, Wix or GoDaddy? Contact us to request an exemption. If you have an existing domain name, it is your responsibility to transfer it to the Squarespace host.



How does payment work?

A $1,200 deposit will get your website started. The remaining $800 is due when the website is delivered. We accept Zelle, PayPal, CashApp and bank transfers.



Does the price include domain name and web hosting?

No, those are arranged directly with Squarespace. Hosting can be $12 or $18 a month, depending on your plan. Domain names can be as little as $20 a year, depending on the name.



What if I don't like something?

Our clients love our websites. You're looking at one right now. If you're a perfectionist and usually want things done only a certain way, this service is not for you. Due to the low cost and fast turnover, chances are we won't be able to get every pixel perfect.


However, we allow up to two rounds of free edits within 2 weeks of delivery.* After that, we hand over credentials and you're welcome to add any changes on your own. Complete payment will still be required.


*Note: While we accept text and image changes, changes in site structure and layout are not recommended, as they tend to throw other things off balance.



Do you do updates?

Yes! We can add new testimonials, new images and new sample work up to 4 times a year, for a separate fee. If your business requires more frequent updates, either make sure you have someone on staff who can do them for you, or keep the website more general so you don't spend extra time with specifics.



Do you do e-commerce websites?

We build our websites on platforms that support online stores, but we can't build those components in such a short timeframe. What we can do is set up the main framework of your website, after which you can insert the e-commerce elements on your own.



Ready for action?





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