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Brand Overhaul

Led a 30-year-old, 200-person, multinational company through a total brand remake. Navigated sensitively through various levels of resistance to successfully implement the brand across divisions, bringing it out via signage, corporate stationery, sales material, website and digital communications.


Brooklyn Steak Co.

Drove the modernization of a New York restaurant to match the physical space and messaging to their high caliber cuisine. Worked with graphic designer, interior designer, writer, sign maker, photographer, owner and more to carry the vision through while allowing plenty of creative space and controlling a low budget.


Education | Training | Partner Showcase

Presented at Infusionsoft's global conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Spearheaded the initiative from initial entry to presentation content, layout and design, participant worksheet, presentation delivery, post-presentation signup sheets and banner, and follow-up email marketing campaign.


Gala Charity Dinners | Private Retreats

Events are my happy place. From program planning to crowd control. Food service to customer service. The thrill of the pressure and the satisfaction when everyone goes home happy is my raison d'etre. Organizers, donors, guests, sponsors, beneficiaries - they all deserve the very best and I love doing my part.


Compass Magazine

Founded and edited the international Chabad House Compass magazine. Launched and developed the first internal trade magazine of its kind, featuring 100+ pages and contributions from representatives across the globe. Spearheaded naming, vision, mapping, interviews, writing, design, printing and distribution. Now in its seventh year.


Succeed Like a Man

So, one day during a conference in Arizona I had an epiphany on male character traits that drive women crazy...but make men successful. It came to life as a book on how anyone - women and men - can use those gutsy traits judiciously to get ahead in life, complete with stories, studies, exercises, ancient texts and a seminar to help people put it to practice.


For $2k, in 2 weeks

After working for years on websites upwards of  $10,000 that often dragged out for months, I set out to find a better way. I found it, by simplifying the process and keeping sites to their most important elements. What's left is beautiful, uncomplicated websites that make you look good online, explain what you do, and leave you to get work done. >>

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