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you found me.

I know the exhilaration of pursuing a dream...and the sweat and tears of trying to make it work. Let me make it easier, with defined goals and smart systems learned across industries.


I have 15+ years of experience in communications and coordinating digital and in-person projects for more than two dozen enterprises. My contributions have ranged from planning and executing marketing campaigns to managing online knowledge bases and hosting events.


What are you working on? Let's discuss how I can help.

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A few words from my friends...

Noah Pawliger

Rochelle is simply one of the most talented writers and brightest minds I have had the good fortune to work with in a long time.... She just "gets it," and I was always impressed by the insight and attention to detail she put into each project. Rochelle is a very hard working, accomplished colleague whom I would recommend to the highest degree to anyone without question.

Motty Landau

Rochelle brings a creative spirit guided by a sense of practicality. A meticulous planner and enthralling presenter, Rochelle not only sparks new initiatives, but carries them through with consistency. She would add an energetic vibe to any team.

By offering a unique mix of productivity and ambition, Rochelle sets a great example for anybody in the business world who is looking to continuously grow. Her ability to take on new projects with enthusiasm and skillfully bring them to the finish line makes Rochelle a valuable asset to any team.

Jackie Lichten Hafter

Rochelle is exceptional in everything she does. She is organized, a self starter, extremely knowledgable and extremely caring. Rochelle inspires all who meet her. It is my honor to recommend her, she will truly be an asset to your organization.

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